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For Icon's Sake - helping out icon makers

for all your icon needs.

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For Icon's Sake
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Hi, welcome to foriconsake, a LiveJournal community created for icon makers to follow. We're going to be posting links to new caps, brushes, textures, tutorials and anything else icon makers need, hopefully every week or so. We'll also be posting links to public journals that have new icon sets, no matter the genre, so you can see the latest icons.

Layout was coded by evilsushi with the professional help of withpaperwings_.

// Please do not be offended if you are not mentioned here - it's not because we hate you or anything, it's simply that we missed that particular resource. Leave us a note here, and we'll be sure to include you in next week's roundup //

// You are free to submit anything for the roundup that we have missed to this post here.//

// If credit has been wrongly administered - please do not worry - simply drop us a comment and we'll change it straight away as well as making a note in next week's post as to our error. //

// If you have a problem with a user, please handle it with care - go straight to the user and sort it out between the two of you. We'd like to have us all friends here! //

// Please make sure the proper credit is given:
- For screencaps you should credit in a resources list or in the post.
- For icons you must credit in the keywords or comments of the icon.
- For brushes you should credit in your resources list, or in the post.
- For textures, the same should apply. //

// New Affiliates (if any)
New Communities (if any)

Speak Up // a section of the post dedicated to those of the iconing world who are less recognised then others.

The Usual Suspects // new icons from those of whom we already know - the more famous but yet still fantastic icon makers.

Hold it There! // the section for new (good quality) screencaps found/made. Often these will be linked to a cap_it post, but sometimes directly to a user's journal. All caps mentioned here will be archived in the memories.

Paint it ______ // this is the new brushes section! Used to alert icon makers of new brushes :)

New Tricks // For tutorials and other guides on icon making. We all need a few tips and tricks along the way, right?

Colour My World // Created to showcase new gradients, whenever they arise.

Don't Get Emotional // This is for moodthemes created for paid account users. Be sure to check out the latest ones.

Mod's Stuff // This is the section for all modly goings-on to be posted. New icons by the mods, new communities, reminders, notices and all other things will be going here. :) //

That's it for now - please be sure to drop in and see what we have to offer!
- The Mods
>> evilsushi
>> withpaperwings_

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